IT security has never been more important for businesses today. But when it comes to setting up an IT department that can meet your security needs, you can be faced with a plethora of challenges, from hiring and training the experts with the right skills to budgeting for the investment that you need to make – managed security service providers offer a solution for your cybersecurity plans.


Firms are increasingly turning to managed service providers to either complement their current team or to provide a complete, comprehensive security solution. The flexibility means it’s an answer to security challenges for businesses large and small. Here are just seven of the top reasons to consider if you’re thinking about switching to a managed service provider.


Add the right skills to your team – Finding the skill set you need can be difficult in a competitive hiring market. Even after you’ve found the right person, you need to ensure they’re kept up to date with training and that you offer the right incentives for them to stay. A service provider can take all that out of your hands by simply providing you with the talented individuals you need.


Maximise your security budget – Security is a core area within business but budgets are being stretched. For many firms, there’s a need to expand their security but finance constraints are adding limits. A managed solution can be a cost-effective way to stay in the black without compromising on security. 


Boost security outcomes – As IT becomes more complex, breaches are taking longer to detect. Research indicates that over half of the time breaches are discovered by someone outside of the organisation. Working with a service provider can help ensure you’re prepared and issues are quickly resolved to limit the impact on your firm.


Have a dedicated team at your disposal – Even if you’ve hired a team with the core skills, it can be costly to have them at your disposal 24/7. With a managed service provider working on your behalf, you can have a whole team dedicated to your security needs.


...Without dealing with employee admin – When you make a hire, there’s a lot that goes along with it, including holidays, national insurance, and pension contributions. Working with a provider gives you the team you need without dealing with the typical employee admin.


You can make the services suit you – Service providers deliver a wide range of packages that can be adapted to suit you. It means that as you grow or your IT security needs changes, so can your security team.


Reduce upfront capital – Investing in security can mean huge amounts of upfront capital is needed. A managed service provider can eliminate the need for upfront finances and reduce IT costs.


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