Microsoft 365 is more popular amongst professional users than ever before, with the most analysis from April 2020 showing record numbers of 258 million monthly active users – a growth of 21% compared to the year before.

Moreover, with the timing of this analysis falling just after the announcement of UK lockdowns, it’s likely that this number has skyrocketed ever further since with more and more companies depending on online services to support their remote workers. This trend is best displayed through recent statistics surrounding Microsoft Team, which show that the cloud collaboration and communication app has grown a shocking 894% since the COVID-19 lockdown began.

Although the SaaS solution does offer businesses irreplaceable benefits - from streamlined internal and external communications, to centralised cloud data storage, and even simplified 1-to-1 and group meetings – it can also leave businesses vulnerable to serious data breaches if the appropriate precautions are not taken.


Why do you need to protect your M365 data?

Microsoft offers limited built-in protection for your vital emails and data in the form of their recycle bin and some retention policies for Exchange, SharePont and OneDrive, however all of these features include time limits, meaning that your deleted data could still be permanently lost if unnoticed.

Driving this point further, Microsoft make it clear in their services agreement that they prioritize application availability for M365 and require users to handle their own data protection.

“We strive to keep the Services up and running; however, all online services suffer occasional
disruptions and outages, and Microsoft is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as
a result. In the event of an outage, you may not be able to retrieve Your Content or Data that
you’ve stored. We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store
on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.”
- Microsoft Services Agreement


Protect and Recover Data with Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides true data protection and recovery for your Microsoft 365 environment. It automatically and securely backs up your email, contacts, folders, schedules and tasks, along with your OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Groups and Teams data with unlimited cloud storage.


Exchange Online

In backing up Exchange Online, Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protects all email messages, attachments, and the complete folder structure of each users’ mailbox. Messages, folders, or entire mailboxes can be restored back to the original account, a different account, or exported via the download feature.


OneDrive for Business

When backing up OneDrive for Business using Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, all files under the Documents Library, including the entire folder structure, are protected. Just like with Exchange Online, files, folders, or entire accounts can be restored back to the original account, a different account, or exported via the download feature.


SharePoint Online

Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides complete protection of SharePoint Online. With item-level recovery options, items can be restored back directly into SharePoint Online from the backups of Document Libraries, Site Assets, Site Pages, and Picture Libraries within Teams Sites, Publishing Sites and Wiki Sites.



With Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup, you can backup all of the file data shared within Teams, grouping all of this information under a unified experience to simplify recovering Teams data back to a specific timestamp.


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