The Darktrace Immune System is the world’s leading autonomous cyber defence platform. Its award-winning Cyber AI technology protects your workforce and data from sophisticated attackers by detecting, investigating, and responding to cyber-threats in real time – wherever they strike.

Powered by Darktrace’s market-leading artificial intelligence, the Darktrace Immune System combines real-time threat detection, digital visualisation, and advanced investigation capabilities into a single, unified system that is easy to install.


The Value of Cyber AI for Modern Businesses

Traditional perimeter security solutions are dependent on strict rules and the detection of known malicious signatures, and once an attack has bypassed these perimeter defences there is no further action that they can take to stop the threat from spreading further. Because of these limitations, legacy systems such as firewalls, endpoint security and other tools are becoming redundant against the highly personalised tactics displayed in advanced attack campaigns.

Darktrace, however, does not rely on these static rules, and instead leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to form a complex understanding of what is ‘normal’ for your business environment as it evolves, identifying any anomalous activity by users, devices, clouds and containers that could signify a cyber threat.

From zero-days and insider threats, to ransomware, compromised credentials, and cloud-based attacks; Darktrace’s Immune System platform can help you to detect, and then respond, to the unpredictable.


Key features of the Darktrace Immune System

  • Threat Visualizer
    Darktrace’s Threat Visualizer provides real-time visibility of your entire digital infrastructure, surfacing insights across email, cloud, and the corporate network in a single pane of glass.
    This tool allows users to ‘go back in time’ to when an incident took place, displaying events as they unfold with incident prioritisation highlighting the most relevant threats.

  • Cyber AI Analyst
    Cyber AI Analyst combines the expertise of world-class human analysts with the speed and scale of AI. Powered by various forms of machine learning, the Cyber AI Analyst learns from a rich data set built up over thousands of deployments. By learning how expert humans investigate threats, the Cyber AI Analyst assists businesses by forming hypotheses and conclusions at a speed and scale beyond human abilities.

  • Unsupervised Machine Learning
    Darktrace AI is powered by unsupervised machine learning, which can uncover rare and previously unseen deviations in network behaviours. Unlike supervised approaches, unsupervised machine learning does not require labelled training data, and is able to identify key patterns and trends in the data without the need for human input.


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