Email security is as hot a topic as ever, with huge increases in advanced threats like Spear Phishing and Account Takeover helping push decision makers to invest in third-party security solutions - but despite so many businesses having these protections in place, 80% of cyber attacks still start with an email.


Threats Bypassing Defences

The fact of the matter is most businesses will have a collection of dormant email threats hiding in their user inboxes, but before we get into how to effectively detect these emails, a lot of you are probably asking how these attacks are entering your environment in the first place.

We've discussed the problem with relying solely on traditional gateway security in a few of our recent blogs, but to summarise; gateway security solutions use a rule-based approach, meaning their detection and prevention capabilities typically depend on a blacklist of known email domains, malicious signatures, etc from previously reported attacks. However, this technique fails to recognise zero-day threats and highly-personalised attacks due to them being newly created or unique to the sender.


DatasheetDatasheet: Office 365 Threat Analysis Service


Advanced Detection Techniques

Using Altinet's Office 365 Threat Analysis Service you can easily gain full visibility of your Office 365 environment and any threats that are currently residing within your user inboxes. This non-intrusive analysis includes all email folders, so even threats lurking within Deleted Items or Junk Folders can be uncovered, as well as scanning sent items for signs of account compromise and insights into how threats might be spreading further internally.

The reason this analysis service can detect threats where your current security solutions might not is thanks to the AI-technology behind it, searching for abnormalities in behavioural factors and communication patterns, leading to emails being flagged with perceptive reasoning such as 'this email makes an unusual request to the recipient'.

With this technology backing the analysis service you can expect to uncover a host of advanced attacks including spear phishing, business email compromise, account takeover and impersonation, as well as identifying high-risk users and vulnerable domains.


threat analysis examples

Examples of previous Threat Analysis results across companies of various sizes.


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