This week Altinet was awarded EMEA Partner of the Year at the Barracuda Discover19 conference in Marbella. Daniel Bailey shares his thoughts on the achievement, giving some insights into how the company has built such a strong partnership with the security leader.

Altinet partner of the year


As I’m on the flight back from another busy but great Barracuda Partner Conference it’s a great time to reflect on the partnership between Altinet and Barracuda after winning EMEA Partner of the year. So many great memories come to mind that have made it such a fun journey together so far and Barracuda’s focus on explaining their journey during the conference means it’s sure to be an exciting next chapter that will see both our businesses highly aligned in terms of strategy and focus to help customers leverage IT in the most secure way possible.

When Altinet was founded in 2013 we decided to differentiate ourselves from other partners that had many vendor relationships by having a much smaller portfolio with much greater focus. Whilst we didn’t cover every customer IT requirement, we felt we had solutions in our portfolio that we could deliver better than any other partner, in an area (IT Security) that we believed had huge growth potential for the coming years as organisations consumed more and more IT, meaning there was more to target for cyber criminals.

From 2014, and our first Barracuda award, to winning Security Partner of the Year in 2016, UK&I Partner of the year in 2018 and EMEA Partner of the Year in 2019, our trajectory has matched that of Barracuda’s – sharply upwards.

Chris Ross, Barracuda SVP International (left) and BJ Jenkins, Barracuda President and CEO (right)
awarding Altinet directors Henry Doyle and Daniel Bailey


Thinking about the timeline of some of those accomplishments, also forced me to think about the change that has occurred over that time, for both our organisations. Change is often unwelcome but the decisions that we’ve made, and seen Barracuda make, have ended up with us having the strongest partnership that we’ve ever had.

I’m most pleased to see how aggressive and focused Barracuda are becoming in email protection – over the last 3-4 years the Essentials suite has matured into a truly market leading email protection offering that we’ve seen solve customer challenges that no other vendor can. There’s also an unrivalled willingness to listen to and learn from customers and partners. Since we started working with Barracuda, we’ve created relationships with the people that are setting the strategy and vision for the business and it’s impossible not to be confident that we’re working with the right people when they constantly deliver on that and you can see your customer’s feedback shaping the way products are developed.

Over the past few months we’ve formulated a plan, alongside Barracuda, that will continue to see our Barracuda business grow significantly this year. The Partner Conference cemented that our focus is aligned and our team is the most capable in Europe of executing that plan. And that brings me on to the purpose of this blog.


Thank you to our team.

I’m proud, every day, to see the skill and commitment that goes into earning an award like this. From marketing, to sales, to technical, we have shared goals that centre around ensuring our customers can navigate the insanely complicated world of IT security by working with people that are not only skilled enough to deliver real business outcomes for customers but are also agile enough to keep evolving as the threat landscape does. Take some time to reflect on your contribution to this award and some of the incredible work you’ve done over the last year.


Thank you to Barracuda.20190520_093606

Winning an award like this, when Barracuda has doubled the partners attending the Discover19 conference from last year to this year and growing so quickly, is a huge achievement. Thank you for the recognition, for being willing to match our passion and dedication to serving our joint customers and for innovating at such a fast pace that we have to work super hard to keep up to speed with new product releases, not just new feature releases. There’s too many individuals to thank, but it’s been a fun ride so far and we’re looking forward to the next 5 years after a brilliant first 5.


Thank you to our customers.

We know there’s a huge choice of vendors and partners to work with and we’re proud of every one of the organisations that puts their trust in us and benefits from a relationship that we’re told so often is far more than they’ve experienced before. We’ll continue to repay your trust by exceeding your expectations every chance we get and we can’t wait to speak to you about some of the future announcements that will prove your investment in Altinet and Barracuda as a security vendor and service provider was the right call.


And now, after that brief moment of reflection, we’ll get on with FY20 and look forward to another record breaking year.