Emails are such a simple and familiar part of daily life for many businesses and their staff, leading them to often be overlooked or not treated with the necessary precautions - but, as users are beginning to understand, the risk that comes with email should not be taken lightly, with one in every hundred emails sent around the globe containing malicious intent.

  An estimated 91 percent of cyber attacks begin with an email.  

In the last year the threat of targeted phishing attacks in particular has driven most companies to finally implement a reliable gateway security solution - but is gateway security alone enough to protect your organisation?


Traditional Gateway Security

When talking about phishing, account takeover, and similar advanced threats, we often mention that traditional gateways are not sufficient enough at preventing these complex and targeted attacks - however, that doesn't mean you should ignore this security layer all together.

Email security gateways are a vital first layer of defence for your online communications, with effective inbound and outbound filtering to prevent spam, viruses, and more traditional phishing attacks. These threats may not be as news-worthy as those mentioned above, but they are sent at a much higher rate, slowing down mail servers and increasing the likelihood of user error taking place.

Some gateway solutions, like Barracuda's, even include added security features to improve vigilance and business/email continuity such as email encryption, link protection, cloud archiving, and even Advanced Threat Protection for zero-hour threats.


AI-powered Security for more Sophisticated Threats

The reason so many attacks launched over email can now evade gateway defences is because new tactics used by criminals don't always include malicious links or attachments that make them easier to detect - instead they rely on social engineering and manipulation to trick individual users into handing over business credentials or processing fake invoice payments.

These sophisticated campaigns may not even come from a fake email address - hackers are increasingly using compromised business email accounts and websites to launch their attacks from legitimate sources, making them only detectable through behavioural analysis.

Using an AI-powered email protection service, machine learning can be used to recognise the unique communication patterns of different users and business accounts to find and block social engineering attempts as well as fraud emails from compromised accounts in real time.


User Awareness Training

Even with advanced security measures in place, there is still always a chance that some attacks can make their way into company inboxes. In these cases, end-users need to have the knowledge and attention to detail to identify suspicious messages, acting as a last line of defence.

User awareness training ensures all employees are following a continuous training schedule, teaching them the more common signs to identify, as well as new emerging threat patterns that are likely to bypass existing security solutions.

Some user awareness programs also include Email Threat Simulation that will actively test user knowledge by sending fake emails imitating the tactics of Spear Phishing, Account Takeover, Business Fraud, and more - reports on individual interactions can then be monitored by admins to identify high-risk users, allowing them to adjust training appropriately.


Barracuda Total Email Protection

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Barracuda Total Email Protection is the most effective solution to prevent targeted social-engineering attacks. Its multi-layered approach combines a secure email gateway, AI-powered fraud protection, and advanced security awareness training. This results in comprehensive protection against business email compromise, account takeover, and other advanced email threats.

Download the white paper below or visit the full product page here.

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