Altinet’s latest complimentary tool allows businesses to run a one-off, internal phishing test to observe how their employees might react to a potential targeted attack and better understand the vulnerabilities that may be present within their existing security strategy.

Phishing attacks have been one of the most common threats a business could face for a number of years now, but with new tactics and trends continuously emerging, modern email security services still struggle to keep pace, resulting in malicious messages bypassing these protections and reaching potentially vulnerable users.

When just one click could be enough to irreparably damage your data, finances, reputation and more, the security awareness of these users becomes a pivotal element of your security strategy.


The Phishing Simulation Service is developed using Barracuda Phishline technology. To find out more about Phishline, which offers long-term and customisable training plans and simulations, click here.



Test Your Company’s Detection Skills

The Phishing Simulation Service works by leveraging email and landing page templates that are designed to mimic the tactics observed in genuine attack campaigns. Each of the email templates available through this service impersonate trusted professional brands, including Microsoft and Google, and link to a spoofed login screen upon click-through.

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This provides businesses with invaluable insights into how many of their employees would not only open a link within a suspicious email, which could open the door to dangerous malware, but also how many would then enter their company credentials into a fraudulent website, increasing the risk of account takeover significantly.

Account takeover is an especially notable threat to businesses as attackers will often infiltrate one primary account within the network and then use this trusted source to launch a lateral phishing campaign to target remaining employees, which can quickly create a snowball effect in terms of access points and overall impact.


The Step-By-Step Process

Starting your Phishing Simulation is easy, with valuable data delivered to you in three simple steps.

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Step 1 – Sign Up

Visit to
sign up for the Phishing Simulation Service


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Step 2 – Consultation Call

One of our technical engineers will get in touch for a 30 minute
consultation call, during which they will gather your user email list, verify
your domain, and plan the schedule for your simulation.


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Step 3 – Follow-Up

After the simulation has taken place we will have a follow-up consultancy
session in which we will share a personalised report highlighting key
insights gathered from the simulation campaign, including number
of clicks and credential submissions, as well as any guidance to improve
your security strategy based on this data.


Start Your Simulation