Backup is easily one of the most important aspects of a business's data protection strategy, but many organisations searching for their ideal solution find themselves overwhelmed by the various products and services available on the market.

There are a handful of key features that should be carefully considered by companies when comparing these solutions - like accessible recovery, retention policies, storage space, and ease of management - and the need for these different features can be heavily influenced by a company's size or industry.

In this article we will be discussing the overall need for business backup, the backup requirements for smaller businesses, the backup requirements for enterprise businesses, and how Barracuda's Cloud-to-Cloud Backup can effectively protect and support businesses of all sizes.


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Why Business Backup is so Important

Risks to business data are everywhere - everything from ransomware, physical disasters, and even accidental deletion - yet 3.8 million UK businesses don't adhere to backup best practices, such as offsite storage and regular monitoring, and almost 20% of organisations admit to not backing up their files at all.

The truth behind these numbers is that many companies simply don't believe that these data risks will effect them - but they can threaten any company, and with 60% of businesses reportedly shutting down within 6 months of data loss, it really isn't worth taking your chances.

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Small Business Backup Requirements

Small businesses often face some difficulties committing the appropriate staff, time and resources into data protection projects, but there are reliable backup and recovery services available that can greatly help simplify this process and free up some time for the IT department to focus their attention on other issues.

When considering these different backup services there are some key features that smaller organisations should look out for to address their unique business needs.

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SaaS-Based /

Cloud computing is more popular than ever, with an ever-increasing number of small businesses adopting cloud services like Office 365 to save costs, simplify management, and to keep up with the technology of customers and competitors. However, not enough are making the move to cloud backup.

Cloud backup is vital for companies who rely on these cloud services as alternative solutions typically don't have the functionality to protect your cloud-hosted applications - for example, with Office 365 this includes OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Online. For a small company who makes use of these applications on a daily basis, data loss could be fatally damaging, and this could occur at any moment and could be caused by anything from a cyber attack to simple user error.


Hassle-Free Setup and Management /

This requirement is closely linked to our last point, but SaaS-based backup services also benefit companies massively when it comes to setup and ongoing management. These services require no on-site installation, and little-to-no management of hardware or software on the customer's end, which is great news for smaller businesses who may not have access to an expert who would otherwise have to overlook the management and upkeep of these products. 

This also means that software updates are automatic, which mitigates the chances of companies unknowingly leaving themselves vulnerable, and these services often include access to third-party technical support, which again lessens the pressure of placing large portions of business budgets into building an on-site team. 


Recovery from Cyber-Attacks /

Many users are led into the false belief that cyber-criminals will always favour the large enterprise companies as their biggest targets as these have more money and often more confidential data for attackers to benefit from - but this just isn't true.

In fact, data from just last year revealed that 43% of cyber attacks actually directly targeted small businesses, and this number is only increasing. The reason for this is simply that attackers know small businesses will have less protections in place, making it quite an easy task for them to steal data that can either be sold on for profit or used to blackmail the targets themselves into paying up - with backup, however, businesses can recover from these types of attacks in no time by simply restoring the lost data from their backup storage. 


Scalable /

Although we're discussing the needs of small businesses specifically here, it's important for organisations of all sizes to plan for the future before ending up contracted into a solution or service that could limit their growth opportunities over the next few years. 

With services offering user-based licensing this concern is easily resolved, giving companies the peace of mind that no matter how many users enter or leave the business over the course of their contract they will all be protected under the service. This also offer the flexibility of paying for the exact number of users at one time as opposed to set price brackets. 



Enterprise Business Requirements

Enterprise businesses face some unique difficulties of their own; due to the scale of these organisations, challenges often arise when it comes to managing data from multiple locations, storage capacity, and controlling user access. 

In the search for the best-suited backup solution, there are some key features that enterprise organisations should look out for to address their distinctive business needs.

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Unlimited Storage and Retention /

Certain cloud services offer unlimited storage and retention of data, making it much easier for large businesses with multiple locations to ensure the protection of all of their essential files for as long needed. On top of this benefiting businesses in terms of safeguarding and potentially pricing, this can also help enterprises to meet compliance - with GDPR, for example, a company having the ability to store all of their customers' personal data for an unlimited amount of time means that, even in the case of physical disasters or downtime, any incoming user data requests could be dealt with in a timely manor.


Recover from Anywhere

Enterprise businesses are more likely to have a mixture of different working practices across all of their locations, often including users working remotely or following BYOD (bring your own device). When storing your backups in the cloud, data can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere and any device with an internet connection, meaning that companies don't have to worry about implementing different backup practices to cater to these different working practices, and ensuring that all relevant users can quickly access the data they require whether they're on-site or not.


Role-Based User Access /

With insider threats posing a heightened risk to businesses at the moment, it's even more important for companies to have clear visibility and control over who can access what data - and for companies with employees reaching the hundreds or thousands, this isn't something that can be effectively managed on a case-by-case basis.

With services that include role-based access, the process of managing these permissions is significantly simplified by allowing account administrators to group their users into various brackets that dictate what data they are authorised to access, and what actions they can make to this data. For example, admins might want to grant a user group access to view but not edit retained data.


Security /

One of the largest concerns for organisations looking into cloud data protection is security - although leaving the protection of your data in someone else's hands is great for reducing workload, many IT decision makers worry about data being lost, damaged or stolen whilst not under their own care. 

When considering cloud backup solutions from a security perspective, the most essential feature that businesses should look for is encryption - both at rest and in transit. This ensures that your confidential data is only readable for authorised individuals with access to a decryption key - even in the case of a provider, account pr system falling compromised.



Complete Protection with Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Although there are notable differences between the daily functions and certain business needs of smaller and larger companies, at the end of the day they can all benefit from the key features listed above.

Smaller companies might not have a vast amount of data, employees and locations to monitor and protect, but they should keep plans for future growth in mind before committing to any contracts; and large businesses might not feel the strain on employee time and resources to push them towards an SaaS-based solution, but this doesn't mean they shouldn't still consider the deployment for even greater efficiency. 

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Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup provides comprehensive, cost-effective, scalable protection for your Office 365 data, including all of the features covered in this article. It automatically backs up all your email, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams data to Barracuda Cloud Storage - and when time is of the essence, restoring what you need takes just a few clicks. 

Find out more about Cloud-to-Cloud Backup here and discover the many benefits it could offer your business.